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"In this life, if you are lucky enough to be able to build your world around the things you are passionate about you are living your best life." 

My name is Lars and I am a musician and audio engineer from Boston Ma.  I believe that in this life if you are lucky enough to build your work around the things your passions about you're living your best life. I am truly grateful I have been able to do this for myself and always feel excited to be helping others with their projects and passions as well. 

My Background

I grew up just south of Boston in a small town called Abington Ma. I found my passion for music at a young age. Singing along with records and pretending to be in bands was something I did a lot of when I was a kid. As I got older that passion solidified as I began to explore music through the concert band program in elementary school. From there I was in music programs all throughout my school career playing saxophone and baritone horn. 

Around age 13 I got my first electric guitar and it took me a few more years before I actually was able to learn how to play songs but after a childhood friend showed me how to read guitar tablature I began learning a lot. Music quickly took up more of my life as I began to start being in various bands starting out as a singer then learning bass guitar and playing bass for a number of local rock bands throughout the rest of my time in high school. 

As my time in high school came to an end I began looking at options for a career based on music and that is when I discovered my passion for Recording and Mixing music. It was a field that was close to music and a job that you could make money from and work on music all day. I ended up applying and getting into an audio program at the New England institute of Art and learned so much from the teachers I had at that school. It prepared me well for a career in the audio industry. 

Not long after college, I began working at cakewalk a music software company as a customer service rep and then eventually moved to a more technical role supporting our software. While working a day job I also continued to freelance doing live sound for various events around the Boston area as well as working in various Boston-based recording studios.  In 2017 I began a new role at iZotope a music software company that makes industry-standard products based around mixing mastering and audio restoration.  I continue to freelance on the side as well and really enjoy the creative lifestyle I've created. 

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